Sequis – Your Better Tomorrow, is the umbrella brand for its subsidiary brands under PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Life; PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Life, PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Financial and PT Sequis Asset Management.

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Sequis will not collect any information of your personal identity until you decide to buy our insurance products, register as a member, and / or providing information for the purpose of job application.

With the exception as specified in “Personal Information Collection” below, Sequis will not disclose yoour personal information to third parties without your permission or under special circumstances, including compliance with the applicable legislation. Sequis will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data you provide is kept well.

Personal Information Collection
Some goals of personal information collection from website users:

  1. Provision and design of insurance, financial services or related products;
  2. The process of any credit, medical, security, underwriting examination and insurance claim;
  3. Statistic and research
  4. Marketing (including direct marketing) insurance, financial services or related product by Sequis wealth management, its affiliates or financial intitution partners.
  5. Communication with customers and/or users of this site

Personal information collected by Sequis through  this site can be sent and given  to the following parties (within or outside Indonesia) for the purposes referred to point 1 to 5 above:

  1. Affiliation companies from Sequis
  2. Any company doing insurance and / or related  reinsurance business
  3. Every insurance claims investigator
  4.  Existing insurance association from time to time
  5. Other service providers that provide insurance and/or related reinsurance business
  6. Agents, affiliates, contractors or third party service providers who provide administrative services, telecommunications, computer, payment or other services to Sequis in connection with Sequis business operations
  7. Each creddit referrence agencies
  8. Each agency or debt collection agency
  9. The person and/or business entity, where Sequis required by law to disclose any requirements  relating to Sequis or its affiliates or business partners.

Changes Against Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy without prior notification.  Any changes will be effective at any time when we announce the Privacy Policy on our site. By continuing to use the service after the changes, you are officially agree on any changes. If  you should not agree of this Privacy Policy as a whole or only part of it, you have the liberty for not using this service.